Vouse is an assemblage of architects, programmers and game designers. We create interactive applications to communicate designs and ideas. We connect the different aspects of space into one wholesome and immersive experience. From the dimensions and details of your space, to the ambience and mood of your place, we capture the essence of your experience in one platform. From there, selectively output your ideas onto various mediums. We design and create content and hardware for various digital platforms, including VR, Cave VR, AR, PC and mobile apps.


Interactive Applications

We develop fully immersive interactive applications for architectural presentations and walk-through. Reach a larger audience by digitizing your space. Communicate spatial information and development details at the earliest possible stage of design development.

Some of our customizations include interior/exterior visualizations, day/night environments and surfaces/furniture changing etc. Applications can come with custom functions for PCs, smartphones and tablets, with complimentary videos and renders of your spaces.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Using the latest VR technology, showcase your spaces in 1-to-1 scale. Create spatial simulations for your buildings and urban spaces so that you may experience and modify spatial configurations during the design phase. Communicate your ideas easily to your clients and design your spaces in life-sized dimensions.

Overlay information on top of physical models with our AR software. Create mixed realities showcases that tell the story of your spaces.


Exhibitions and Events

Digitize your content and build custom applications and hardware for exhibitions in both local and overseas venues. We develop our software with a wide range of contemporary technologies, such as image recognition and positional tracking. We design unique toolkits that best fit your client needs.