Pico . 2019

Singapore . UAE

View the world of the quarks through interactive light installations.





Brought to you in collaboration with Pico, TRANSPORTA is a series of interactive multimedia installations celebrating scientific curiosity and artistic exploration. the Quirky World of Quarks and the Quantum Imaginarium are light installations inviting visitors to embark on a journey to the beginning of time and space - the start of the Big Bang.

The Quirky World of Quarks took place from 28 Jan to 24 Feb 2019 during the Singapore iLight festival. Visitors were treated to a multi-sensory spectacle of the world of quarks - one of the tiniest elementary particles in the universe, imagined and realized in the form of creative and colourful light installations.

The Quantum Imaginarium had its overseas premiere at the Mother of the Nation (MotN) Festival in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The event took place from 12 - 23 Mar 2019. Festival-goers were invited into the quantum world to experience and be a part of this fantastical universe where the smallest particles reside. Experience the building blocks of the universe - imagined and realized in the form of vibrant and interactive multimedia installations.



Enter the world of Quarks.


Quirky World of Quarks

The Quirky World of Quarks is an edutainment platform that creates fun and engaging experiential journey with the use of multi sensorial technologies. The unassuming entrance to the secret portal is designed and strategically located, blending into the environment to create a sense of mystery for visitors. The experiential installations are not only immersive and visually captivating, it is also educational and informative. Through this multi-sensory and interactive journey that combines art and science, visitors get to learn and play at the same time.



People queuing to enter the "portal" disguised as a vending machine.

Enter through the "portal". Image courtesy of TheSmartLocal.


Singapore, 28 Days, 14,000 Visitors

The Bronze Award Winner of the A’ Design Award and Competition is an experiential installation creating a multi-sensory journey that encourages hands-on interaction like touching, pushing, swinging, waving and walking. Visitors interact with 3D-printed light sculptures to experience varying immersive visual effects and abstract sound-scapes.

Touch, push and shake the light sculptures to trigger unique sound-scapes.


Press Coverage

“a multi-dimensional space that redefines logic and reality”

Timeout Singapore

“Instagram-worthy abstraction of the Big Bang”

T Magazine Singapore


“Spell-binding cosmic zone”



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Imagine the minuscule world within us.


Quantum Imaginarium

The quantum world comes to the Middle East for the first time. Scientific concepts are complex, but perhaps the idea of being able to step inside the behaviour of an atom can best explain this intriguing world. Surrounded by digital art and interactive multimedia, explore and discover the unimaginable at TRANSPORTA: Quantum Imaginarium!

- Mother of the Nation


A portable art and science edutainment platform, which can be set up anywhere in the world.

6 uniquely designed light sculptures.

Detail of 3D printed sculpture.


Abu Dhabi, 12 Days, 6,000 Visitors

Interact with life size multimedia art pieces and immerse yourself into a miniature world of light and sound. Art work by Maotik.


Children playing in the exhibit.

Immersive engagement with lights and sounds.

Interactive art piece with motion tracking for up to 20 people in a 20 square meter area. Art work by Maotik.


Press Coverage

“Be ‘shrunken’ and enter the world of quantum mechanics”

The National, UAE

Embark on a journey into the fascinating world of quantum mechanics”

Khaleej Times, Abu Dhabi


Video Reel