Puteri Cove Residences Mobile App

Pacific Star Group . 2017


Johor Bahru, Malaysia: Puteri Cove Residences.





The Puteri Cove Residences mobile application is the first of its kind, produced for Pacific Star Group’s real estate development located in Puteri Harbour, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It was released in January 2017 in collaboration with sales and marketing efforts by Pacific Star Group.

The pocket showroom serves as a complement to the physical showrooms. Capture all of your apartment units virtually, in a 3D, fully interactive environment. Showcase your spaces to a global audience.


Virtual Showroom: SOHO.

Virtual Showroom: Kitchen.

Virtual Showroom: Living Room.

Virtual Showroom: Dining Area.

Virtual Showroom: Bedroom.


The Virtual Showroom featured the real estate development’s common areas, facilities, part of the apartment types including views from the development, together with infographics of the location and transit information.


Awards: Puteri Cove Residences.


The application was deployed globally including China and was very well received by the buyers and investors across the region. The application is still available in App Store for free to benefit its owners, sales persons and future investors.