Lamitak Homes

Lamitak . 2019

Singapore . China . Indonesia . Malaysia . Thailand

Lamitak Homes: Place a tile sample and watch as your walls change materials in real time.







It is difficult, for most people, to visualize what their homes would look like in a different colour or wallpaper. And it is even more challenging for Lamitak's salespersons to promote their products with a small tile sample. Thus to improve product representation and experience, we created Lamitak Homes: an interactive platform for interior design visualization.

Simply place a tile sample on the interface and watch as your wall changes its material in real-time. Browse through hundreds of materials in multiple interior design styles and settings. See your material choices in the correct size, mix and match your materials to create your favourite combination.

Since its release, we have brought Lamitak Homes to 4 different countries, as part of an international showcase of interior design supplies and materials. Lamitak Homes is now available in Lamitak’s showroom for all customers to experience interactive interior design.


Expo Build China 2018: Shanghai, China.

IndoBuildTech 2018: Jakarta, Indonesia.

Archidex 2018: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Architect Expo Thailand 2018: Bangkok, Thailand.

Place your materials on the table and watch as the walls change to match your choices.

Mix and match your materials to get your favourite combination.

Capture attention for your products.

Engage a wider range of audiences.

Featuring over 400 materials that change according to your choices.

Using technology to enhance your experiences.

Using technology to help you make a better choice.


Help your customers visualize your products. Use design and technology to enhance your experiences and make a better choice.


Interior Design: Bachelor's Pad.

User interface: place a tile sample and change your wall material.

Interior Design: Loft Apartment.

Interior Design: Young Family Suite.

Interior Design: Bungalow House.


Lamitak Homes consists of a collection of 4 interior design apartments, each covering a unique design theme, to cater to a wider range of audience. Each of Lamitak's 400+ materials are digitally catalogued into the system, such that any wall surface in the system may be changed to any product materials.

Additionally, the system is also capable of receiving updates to the interior designs and to the material catalogue. It can also collect data on customer usage and interest, such as time spent on designs and materials. Future updates would include the addition of award-winning interior designs into the system for home owners to play with, as well as a synchronization with the Lamitak mobile app.