Virtual Reality and Simulator Roadshow

Changi Airport Group . 2018


Utilizing VR to educate the general public on architecture and structure.





Vouse was invited to participate in a Virtual Reality and Simulator Roadshow organized by Changi Airport Group. Utilizing the capabilities of emergent VR technology, we created an application allowing users to “assemble” the Changi Airport Terminal 2. Broken down into its components, users can put together critical architectural and structural components of the airport, such as structural walls, slabs M&E components etc.

The roadshow brings a more interactive and educational medium to the masses, via an immersive 1-to-1 scale experience as well as providing an opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of the airport.


Using VR to learn about space and architecture.

Other viewers can spectate and give directions.

Hands-on virtual learning environment.

User "assembles" the airport terminal using base architectural components.

In-game footage showing partial structure of the Changi Airport Terminal 2.


Users can switch seamlessly between bird’s eye view and first-person view to study the structure from afar and in detail. The app provides an unprecedented maneuverability between different modes of visualization to better facilitate understanding of structure and architecture for even spatially unacquainted users.


Video Reel